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Voice Over IP (VOIP)

VOIP is a modern technology that allows an analogue telephone call to be transported across the internet instead of the ordinary telephone network. It's easy to setup, uses your existing phone handsets, provides CD quality sound transfer and comes with your own unique phone number that you can call from any phone, anywhere.

In the past VoIP technology has only been used by very large organisations that can afford to invest in this cost saving technology. Klement Consulting now delivers this same technology directly to the small business and household.

Matt Klementís VOIP Solution

Itís an end to end solution that allows any small business or retail customer with broadband to make and receive calls using their existing telephone infrastructure at a very low price.

Itís a solution that does not alter your existing phone system apart from sending outbound calls in a different direction. The impact to your business or home is minimal. Just use your existing phones to call out using the service and save massively.

What savings can I expect to make using this?

The savings are truly massive using this solution. They vary dependant on what type of calls are made and how many, but a comparison of many existing telephone plans for small businessí recently showed a saving for customers of up to 113% off certain call types. When these types of % savings are mapped against the number of calls made, customers are surprised with what they can save in their office.

An example would be where a small business uses Telstra currently on a Business Line Complete plan.

Whatís involved with installing the KlementVoip solution?

  • Klement comes to your site and checks readiness
  • Klement provides quote for solution showing cost savings
  • Customer accepts terms and conditions of proposal and books installation
  • Klement arrives at site on scheduled day/s to install VOIP
  • Install Klement VOIP Gateway and connect to PABX
  • Route all outbound calls to Internet
  • Customer Signs off and accepts Klement VOIP solution
  • Klement provide ongoing SUPPORT for 12 months
  • Customer saves massive % every month on their phone bill

Additional Benefits with the KlementVoip solution?

  • Every customer that installs Klement VOIP has now doubled their phone system reliability eg : if Telstra goes down, you now use the internet to make phone calls - if the Internet goes down, the old method of sending calls to Telstra/Optus/etc applies. You will ALWAYS be able to talk to your customers with Klement VOIP solution.
  • You get an extra Phone number free!
  • If your business has additional offices and joins with Klement VOIP then you will be able to talk to your other office FREE of VOIP call charges.

How long will it take to get our money back? ROI (Return on Investment)

Klement Consulting is pleased to offer the KlementVOIP solution to small businesses as the ROI is very quick.

A recent customer survey showed that the ROI is between 4-12 months dependant upon the call profile of each business.

More Information

Contact Matt Klement and request a VOIP quote for your site.

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