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Certification & Compliance

Don't buy from a backyard Bull Arab Breeder and continue to help these people! Do the right thing and buy from a Professional!

Even though other bull arab people and backyarders and jealous people have tried, No one can ever dispute us for doing things properly and ensuring the future of good quality Hunting and Working Dogs here at the dog farm.

We get rubbish and trash talk about us on the internet but that's because these idiots are jealous and can't sell their inferior quality working dogs anymore now that I do this full time as a professional. Some of this comes from dodgy pig hunters who only want to pay $300 for a bull arab aswell.

If you need references to prove how good my dogs are then just contact me.

New Qld Dog Laws announced 2012

On Sunday the 22nd of January 2012 in the Brisbane Courier Mail an announcement was made by the Agriculture Minister (Tim Mulherin) that will affect dodgy backyard breeders in Queensland henceforth.

The future of backyard breeding is now looking shaky and I am pleased to see this announcement. It not only affects illegal dog breeding farms, but also backyard breeders from residential homes and small rural lots.

I am sick and tired of seeing so called Bull Arabs sold for $350 by backyard breeders that do it on the side for cash in addition to their regular jobs. They do it on the cheap and de-value the breed and flood the market with crap quality dogs that are often not sound. Money is tight nowadays post cyclone Yasi and the floods and other economic factors cause some people to think 'maybe I should just get a cheap one as they are so much cheaper and look the same'. BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME and the risks are higher when you put these dogs around your children and family environments.

No-one wants unpredicatable dogs that may or may not be true to type. Klement Bull Arabs are consistent, 'true to type', though, some coat variances happen due to my experimentation with colours due to demand and are suitable for active family environments, farms and for full time and recreational hunters.

They are also excellent personal protection dogs and guard dogs if trained by a qualified dog trainer like myself.

We Are Legit!

We have been inspected and given positive reports and approvals by the following authorities:

No one can ever accuse us of not doing things properly and failing to ensure the future of good quality hunting and working dogs.

Plenty of competitors and jealous people rubbish us on the internet because they can't sell their inferior quality working dogs anymore now that professional operators are showing them up in the market place.

If you ever need references to prove how good my dogs and dealings with buyers are then please contact me.

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