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Pig Hunting Dog Training

Don't get to hunt your dogs as much as you would like?

  • Are you working in the mines and don't have time to train a dog, only to hunt pigs?
  • Do you live in an area where pigs are hard to find and catch and need your dog improved so it may have a better chance of finding and catching more pigs?
  • Are you new to pig hunting and don't know how to train a pig hunting dog or don't have the setup but want to get your dog started now?
  • Have you bought a pup from me in the past and now want to send it back to me for pig hunt training?

Be one of the first to experience this unique service for your Pig Hunting Dog!

Fly your pigdog to me for an intensive Pig Hunting Boot Camp in country full of pigs and varying conditions so they learn to hunt well and come back better hunters.

  • I manage the flights in and out of Townsville at cost price to keep costs down for everyone.
  • I will train dogs from 6 months to 4 years of age.
  • I will look after your dog as well as I would my own Bull Arabs and everyone knows how much I love my dogs.

Pig Hunting Boot Camp

Our Intensive Pig Hunting Boot Camps are varying in length based upon:

  • How well dogs perform in response to training
  • How many pigs dogs hunt
  • Environmental conditions on the ground at the time

It's a seasonal service conducted on a 1 million acre station in outback northern Queensland from May-November

Why send your dogs to me?

  • I have dedicated the rest of my life to dogs and own a licensed commercial hunting dog farm based in Ingham NQ so you know I love to do this and am serious about doing it.
  • I have been featured in many pig hunting magazines and know how to get dogs trained up well and catch lots of pigs.
  • I am a fully certified professional dog handler/trainer and have been trained by the best dog handler in the world.
  • I live for pig hunting and working with dogs and nothing gives me more happiness then helping people achieve their outcomes with their dogs out in the Australian bush.

If you need references about me and my ability to train your dog well, request them and I will forward you as many as you need.

How to apply

  • Phone me on 0410 490 144 or email me at info@klement.com.au to confirm your interest in your dog attending one of my boot camps. (No texts please)
  • I'll email you the paperwork (including the terms and conditions) which you can fill out, sign and email back to me.
  • Payment is up-front by EFT (internet banking) prior to trip


The cost per dog is $3000 + flights depending upon dog and owner requirements.

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