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Jagermeister Working Dogs

Do you want a dog that can handle any size Boar Pig from the Sugar Cane/floodplains/mountains? Are you looking for a backbone pack dog that you can send in to handle any cranky boar one out?

These dogs are not designed to hunt the same as Bull Arabs - they will work at the closer range (100 - 700 mtrs) with increased hold power so they don't replace - they add another layer and dimension to your pack. This breed is the latest Big Boar Specialist (BBS) in the Australian holding dog stable!

They do not compete with the Bull Arabs but provide another place in the pack as a dog that can handle any large boar one out and this is good for safety if you hunt alone.

  • Big Boars a problem in your area?
  • Did your old dog get killed on a big powerful Boar?
  • Is a big Boar killing your lambs on your farm?
  • Do you need the ultimate Guard Dog?
  • Do you want the ultimate biting dog with heaps of bite force?
  • Do you want a dog that can hold any large boar one out?

Matt Klement is pleased to bring you the latest in very powerful holding dogs for boars one out over the 100kg mark - the Jagermeister. This is the latest breed and was officially released in 2010, with the first litters selling out fast.

It's called a Jagermeister! And we don't mean the drink you buy at your local pub! Although my Sister who is an awesome shooter will tell you she loves drinking Jagermeister with Red Bull - they call it a Jaegerbomb. Anyway back to dogs!

Jagermeister means 'Masters of the Hunt' or 'Hunting Masters'. These dogs are called Jagermeister as they are the masters of holding any size boar one out and bred specifically for that. In addition they are awesome family and property guards.

What is a Jagermeister? At a high level, it's a rare form of NeoMastiff x Great Dane. I will reveal exact bloodlines and breed makeups and % breed mixes when you have purchased your dog as they are from highly sought after gene pools with proven lines that hunt and guard.

Breed Attributes

  • Sight and Scent hunt - (100 - 700 mtrs)
  • Good Endurance & Powerful off the Ute or Quad
  • Tons of bite force (350 - 490lbs avg estimated)
  • Territorial, Loyal, Dominant and Natural Guards
  • High drive dogs with watchful nature
  • High amount of intelligence for such a powerful strong dog
  • Could be trained to use as short chase holders for Scrub Bulls in the Top End

Pups & Litters

These pups will be in hot demand so place your deposit now to get an awesome dog with tons of bite force and loads of presence! Papers in the form of a Breed Certificate and Vet Check/Vaccination Certificates will be provided when payments are made.

Please be aware these are a very serious working dog and only experienced dog handlers will be able to purchase. Potential buyers must qualify by being able to provide photo evidence in email to me that shows secure housing and humane kennelling before purchasing from the 2010 litters.

These pups will be microchipped, vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and ready to go, so place your orders now.

Call Matt now on 0410 490 144 (no txts please) or email info@klement.com.au if you have any questions.

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