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Hunting, Working & Started Dogs & Pups for Sale

We are the only Bull Arab breeder in Australia that carries not one bloodline – but four. This ensures plenty of genetic diversity and with diversity comes strong immune systems, bones, skin and eyes to ensure you get a healthy strong pup. We have Anderson, Cauchi, Fortini and Rockhampton bloodlines covering country from NSW to FNQ. In addition we sell Jagermeister pups that are from very sought after bloodlines from Australia and the USA.

Each litter is managed with upmost care and attention to ensure that each pup grows out healthy, strong and social. I spend extra money and time on my litters with high quality pup food and the best mix of food available for the whelping bitches. In addition, I have high quality kennels and whelping boxes to ensure pups and bitches are happy and healthy as the litter develops. This ensures all my pups are 100% and are ready to be transferred to their new owners and start their new lives.

It currently costs roughly $350 to $450 just to grow a top quality working pup to 8 weeks when this kind of care and attention is given, so give some thought to the backyard breeders who sell their Bull Arabs pups for $300 - $400.

Ask yourself these questions - how can they do this when the costs are so? What are they feeding the growing pups to ensure they develop properly and why are they doing this for 8 weeks of work? Am I getting a quality grown pup or am I getting a pup that has been raised on the cheap in conditions that are not 100%?

Working Dogs For Sale

A working dog is a dog that does some kind of work instead of being just a pet or member of the family. This work might include being a watchdog to let the family know when someone enters the property or a guard dog for the Ute or a personal protection dog as a bodyguard for someone who has been assaulted in the past. It may include a hunting dog for a person who hunts recreationally or professionally.

I sell working dogs that are trained to do work. Most people nowadays don't have the time to build a trained dog that can do work. Sometimes people will lose a dog or it will die of old age or get killed so they contact me and request a dog that will be guaranteed to do the work they want.

Please be aware that a great deal of time and effort and cost goes into these dogs so be realistic when requesting a price. They are in the $thousands and I can breed you a dog for a particular purpose or source another breed and train that for you and house it on my dog farm whilst it is being trained for your purpose.

I sell working dogs that are trained for the following work.

  • Finding and Bailing Pigs
  • Finding and Holding Pigs
  • Guard Work (premises and vehicles)
  • Personal Protection
  • Schutzhund Dog Sport

Contact me for available working dogs and prices.

Please note that deposits on dogs and pups are non refundable.

Matt Klement and Bernhard Flinks at the Bernhard Flinks Police Dog Training Bootcamp at the indoor Carseldon Equestian Centre Victoria

Matt Klement and Osman Arab, Owner and Training Director of Von Chien Loup Kennels in Victoria

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